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CommonWealth Purchasing Group (CPG)

CommonWealth Purchasing Group (CPG) is the leading community health center group purchasing organization in the country because we specialize in the health industry and our team truly understands what our clients want and need. By directly contracting with the nation’s best vendors we provide you, and over 500 other members nationwide, with low prices and exceptional customer service.

Throughout the years we search for ways to give members new opportunities to save. From the start, all of our vendors are carefully screened and tightly managed, and we regularly develop new contracts to give members even more choices. Since our founding in 1998, our members together have saved $30 million a year by buying through CPG!


We invite you to join us as a CommonWealth Purchasing Group member. It costs nothing to join, and your membership is easy for your employees to use. We’re confident that when we compare our vendors’ prices with your current invoices, we’ll be able to significantly drive down your expenses and streamline your purchasing process and you can still buy the same products and

brands you trust.


What is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)?

A Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) is a member-based organization that combines the purchasing power of several members in order to provide volume savings they couldn’t otherwise access as a single organization. In a GPO, vendors treat all members like one big company and base pricing and other benefits on total sales to the group. Because of the combined volume being purchased by multiple organizations, vendors offer better pricing and customer service on the products and services members use every day.


1) Visit www.cwpurchasing.com

2) Click “Join Now”

 Download and complete the

 Group Participation Agreement

3) Scan and email to:

 Brittany Resendes



For more information:

Call us at 617-988-2250, visit www.cwpurchasing.com

or email rbryant@cwpurchasing.com


Benefits of Joining CPG

No membership fees
• Free cost-benefit analysis
• No more shopping around
• No minimum purchase or usage requirements

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